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Best Selling Gig Got Down & Getting Almost No Impressions!


I have been on Fiverr for last 8 months. I sell logo design services. In March and April, I got consistent orders and generated good revenue. But after April, my best selling gig got down. And for next two months (May & June), I got only 4 to 5 new orders. My Gig got UP in August and I got 16 orders on that Gig at lower prices. But again my Gig got down and I am not getting any orders for last 20 Days or so. I am getting almost 10 impressions everyday on that gig. I edited it several times, changed gig images & wrote a better description. I also use different social media platforms for gig promotion but, still nothing is working for me.

Please Help Me!

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Looking forward to your responses!

@cshamza23 I am experiencing same issue from last 20 days. My gig views are continuously going down and I am not receiving messages from buyer but previously I was used to receive at least one message daily.

Same here. I used to get about 2,000 impressions per week, now its 200 a declining daily with no clicks…

I have same issues brother. How can we solve this issues?
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