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Best selling gig keeps getting flagged...conspiracy?

I just came to fiverr 5 days ago and I must say I love it! Wish I would have known about this site years ago. Anyhow, I have this one gig that sold 5 orders in 3 days, and then on day 4 I get a message saying the picture needed to be changed. So I changed the picture… Then I get another message saying the gigs in the wrong category, but when I checked other gigs, even top sellers with the same title as mine, they are in the same category as my gig!!!

Completely annoyed and lost. I sent a message to Fiverr and still waiting on a reply as to what category they think it should be in. This is quite annoying since this is my top selling gig. It’s like they flagged it to slow down my progress. I’m missing out on orders!! I’ve read similar issues in the forum, can anyone tell me what Fiverr did when you had this issue? Was it a simple fix or was the gig removed all together?

maybe so…but there are tons of people advertising that they will specifically rate an iOS app and more.

Now they have denied my “will rate an app” gig saying something about a third party complaint… I created my picture myself, so I’m completely confused!! This is another one of my apps that gets good traffic and sells well. Wow… It’s seems that whenever I create a gig that starts to sell quick they hit me with this crap. How am I supposed to compete with the top sellers if Fiverr keeps taking down my good selling gigs?

IMO, these kinds of Gigs will slowly be culled over time.