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Best selling gig went to last page for no reason

Hello guys! So, my best selling gig with 231 full 5-star reviews out of 235 (for less than a year) who was always top 3 best-selling in its category went from first to last page. Last week I posted a thread on here where I complained that for some reason after my best month on Fiverr I stopped receiving any impressions and I didn’t get any new orders since their last update - I even posted a thread on it but I still did pretty well because I have repeat customers so I maintained solid 2 orders a day on the gig. I occasionally check via incognito mode to see where my gig appears which I did today as well and to my surprise it went from first to last page and I feel a bit screwed. Any idea how to fix this?

Long story short - My best selling gig which was always top 3 best-selling in its category went from first to the last page even although I was doing great. Even after Fiverr stopped promoting it I still had 2+ orders a day on it from repeat customers, a week later I decided to check where my gig is placed and to my surprise it was on the last page and I seriously don’t understand that. Any idea how to fix it?


Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to affect gig placement in the search results. And there is nothing we can guarantee that will “fix it”. Just keep being a great seller for the orders you do receive, and keep marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers who need the services you offer.

We all experience gig rotation in the search results. It’s just how Fiverr works. I see that you have two orders on that gig. That’s not bad. Do what you can, ride out the rotation, and be the best seller you can be for those who choose to hire you.


Not much to be done, but believe you me, most of the drastic changes (changes happen but not for everyone at the same time) are due to the analytics not working, the system getting upgraded (paid gigs maybe).

However, my gig is on the rise again and all I can suggest to you is: do not panic. Keep everything as it is, work on the orders you’re getting and eventually your gig will recover but tamper with it now and risk losing everything permanently.

We’re helpless but to see this through, I’m positive once whatever changes Fiverr is working on are in place, things will improve.

Like the above person said, do your best and hope everything gets back to where they were.

Good luck.


Woah, that’s a scary thought! I actually raised my prices by 5$ before a few days before my overall impressions went down and I actually just switched back to my original prices (before I read your comment). I really hope that you’re wrong, otherwise, I’m a goner :cold_sweat:

Most people that edited their gig lost their gig ranking… I’m afraid if that’s not what happen to you.

Don’t worry, changing the pricing once will not have a severe effect but might prolong this de-ranking process. I suggest you do not tamper with the gig further and just focus on the existing orders, try to get positive feedback, be very friendly with clients (maybe they will tip you) and over deliver if needed (you need to do it till things improve).

Our only option is over-deliver (slightly, do not go crazy about this obviously), perform: so Fiverr is forced to acknowledge our efforts.



CS just got back to me and they were pretty inconsistent. They pretty much told me that the competitors are doing better (in other words my gig is doing bad) so it got pushed to the last page but that’s definitely not the case. Last month I had 60+ orders on it, I raised my prices with 5$ because I couldn’t maintain all the orders and then the “Impression” bug happened and that’s where it all went downhill, but even so, I’m always observing and I know for a fact that I am doing better than 90% of the sellers on the first page, some of which have been there with 40 total reviews (gigs older than mine) and less than one queued order a month and I know this because I have been spectating their gigs. Even with no traffic on my gig I scored 10+ orders for a week yet I’m on the last page. I really don’t know what’s happening with Fiverr but something’s just not right.

Ever since impression is down its happening with the Gigs and CS is giving template answers. My Gig has over 700 5-star ratings, some others has 3-400, and each of them ranked back, because some idiot shut down impressions. I don’t have a clue why companies feel the necessity to fix something that isn’t broken, and screw the working people, while they’re ranking the lazy and the unreliable to the first page.

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Something’s definitely not right! I posted a thread about it a week ago as well which was just around the impression bug: Since last week I've been getting orders only from repeat customers. What's going on?

Everything was great before May, April was actually my best month on the platform, and then when May began, the “Stats” bug appeared and everything went downhill from there. Since last week I’ve been only working with repeat customers and it’s pretty consistent but there’s no traffic on my gigs outside of that and literally every gig of mine went from best selling in it’s category straight to the last page. It’s awful and I hope that they do fix it. I feel like Fiverr is going to lose from this as well, as good and reliable services are pretty much thrown in the deep end. Some of my gigs now don’t even appear in the search results, I’m pretty pissed and CS giving me “You did something wrong” just won’t work because I’ve been selling for a year and I have completed more than 800 orders in that time frame. I never had a day without 5-10 new messages in my inbox but it all went downhill since the beginning of May, when the “Stat” bug thing appeared. It’s crazy!

Well, I completely understand you because it affect mostly all sellers.

I hope they find lasting solution to this.

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