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Best Selling Gigs vs. Normal Gigs

Very strange question but figured I’d ask nonetheless (perhaps someone can help). I’ve noticed my Best Selling gig was swapped out about a month ago with another gig I offer and slowly what was my best selling gig for quite some time - the views plummeted straight down and arguably by 90%.

Question: Do Best Selling gigs on profiles get more exposure than other gigs on your profile? I’ve noticed theres some sellers who exclusively only have 1 gig on their profile and I was wondering if it was simply because they choose to only focus on that service or perhaps if it’s a listing-placement strategy.

Also another Question: Best Selling Gigs that are placed on the first page, are they determined by sales volume for the last 60 days or actual sales numbers (revenue made).

Obviously it’s not preached as being so black and white as I know the algorithm is far from transparent but I figured Id ask if anyone else has had a similar encounter.

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I think it gets given to whichever gig is the highest selling, which is why people with only one gig get it more. I don’t know what it means, but I didn’t notice any uptick in sales when I got a “best selling gig” label on one of my gigs. Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention though.

Getting your gig featured does seem to make a difference though.


I have a couple of gigs that switch back and forth between bestselling, depending on sales. They do it all the time.

I think they get better placement if they are doing better. It’s hard to figure out.

Some sellers with just one or two gigs get better placement but why they do it is something you would need to ask them.

I also think they give better placement to gigs for other reasons which cannot be determined as I’ve seen terrible gigs that don’t sell on the top row at times.

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I’ve wanted to know the answer to this myself, and I suspect it’s a variety of things.

Some of it is probably a combination of: completion rating, response rate, on time delivery, seller level, total orders completed in last 30/60 days, seller rating, etc.

That said, I do think there is a certain amount of randomness inserted into the algorithm. I’ve had a gig go from the top row of page 1 to the last spot on the last page almost overnight after having one of my best months on fiverr. I’ve also seen top rated sellers with gigs that have done the same thing. It makes sense for them to do this because otherwise it would be impossible for new sellers to compete with long time and higher rated sellers which would keep the platform from growing, which is obviously not what fiverr wants. They want more sellers. So it’s safety net built into the algorithm that makes sure everyone has a chance to at least make a little something.