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Best selling gigs


Is there a resource that lists Fiverr top gigs? Preferably a list of the top 25 selling gigs.


There is a forum area, where they highlight and share stories of the top sellers and how they climbed to the top. Not exactly what you are looking for, but that would give you ideas how anyone can make it big on Fiverr.


I’m not sure if you can get a list of top selling gigs. If somehow you get to know the top selling gigs then I don’t think it will be beneficial for you in anyway because if anyone else is making money with it doesn’t mean you’ll also start making money with same gigs. There is a Buyer Requests Page where you can see what buyers are looking for. You can definitely get an idea for your new gig.


Here we are 3-years later. A thread has risen from the dead. :coffin:
Please use the forum search :mag_right: field you’ll find a ton of helpful tips.