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Best Selling Sorting - What is the point of it?

Can some smart person explain this to me? It’s so absurd to me. When I select it, I expect to see gigs that are selling the best. Those are usually solid choices to purchase.

But even now when I used the sorting today on a brand new category I have never used before, there’s a gig with zero reviews and zero orders in queue at the top row, along with gigs that have 3 and 5 reviews in total and no orders in queue. Same goes on for almost the whole first page, only gigs with less than 6 reviews and no orders in queue. Surely they can’t all be “Sponsored/AD gigs”, if those even show up when using “Best Selling” sorting.

Then if I start browsing the pages, for example by jumping to page 10 of results, I can find best selling gigs that have hundreds or thousands of reviews and some orders in queue. :clap:

Is the system perhaps confusing recommended sorting with best selling? As over the 8+ years I’ve been on Fiverr, recommended sorting has been the one to list gigs usually from least selling to best selling to give badly selling gigs visibility too, or showing those first that might be of interest to me specifically.

I’ve asked customer support about this too, but they just say that gigs rotate all the time, which does not explain why Best Selling and Recommended sorting are identical.

Any ideas? :thinking:

Edit: I took a look at other categories too that I haven’t used, and some are sorting gigs more efficiently with the best selling sorting. Like “Logo Design” category’s first 3 gigs have 1k+ reviews when sorting by recommended, and 6 gigs with 1k+ reviews when sorting by Best Selling.


Maybe what you see during a search is different for each person.

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Yeah. I’m sure most will see different gigs on the first rows, but I believe the first page is still dominated by low selling gigs for everyone.

You should try it too to confirm. Select a random category of gigs you’ve never used before, and sort the gigs by best selling, so don’t search for any specific keywords. See if you are being offered best selling gigs on the first results.

Last year the first 20 or so gigs all had at least hundreds, but usually thousands of reviews.