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Best show on Netflix?

Currently trying to decide which series to start next on Netflix. I currently just finished watching the “Thirteen Reasons Why” series, it was really interesting! Any suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile:

My top 5 favorite Netflix series
1. Stranger Things
2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
3. The Office
4. 13 Reasons Why
5. How I Met Your Mother


I like New Girl, it’s funny

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Stranger Things I watched one episode and I was hooked. Bought the ringtone and everything. :relaxed:


Just finished Iron Fist (1st Season) :wink:
Waiting for The defenders :smiley:

I tried to like stranger things but I don’t know why I just wasn’t feeling it–it has certainly become hugely popular, I’ll have to check out season 2 though just to see where it goes.

I’ve been slowly keeping up with Scandal, but geez that show is so cray. I also just started The Crown.

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I’m waiting for Game of Thrones. Untill new season all are dull for me

BTW, My Top 5 Netflix list below:
1. Archer
2. The Walking Dead
3. Breaking Bad
4. Sherlock and
5. Daredevil.

Honorable mention: Bojack HorseMan, Bob’s Burgers.


Netflix has confirmed that season 2 will be released on Halloween 2017.
Longggg wait, interesting concept, though. :smile:

Added Scandal to +My List.

:heart_decoration: The Walking Dead

:heart_decoration: Breaking Bad

:heart_decoration: Fear The Walking Dead

:heart_decoration: American Horror Story


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“American Crime Story: O.J. Simpson vs The People” was surprisingly good. Top notch.
Just watched the whole first season of ‘The Lizzie Bordon Chronicals’ with Christina Ricci. Nice.

I have 100 movies and series on my list and the list is getting longer and longer.
I only watch approximately 350 movies and TV-shows a year. Sounds a lot, but I don’t watch regular TV.

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I have weird taste but here it goes:

  1. Marco Polo (history and martial arts…love this show)
  2. Love
  3. Grace and Frankie
  4. Easy
  5. Dave Chappelle’s and Louis CK’s stand up is awesome
  6. Stranger things

and I agree with @blaisefaint I loved the OA


Recently I watched ‘Straight Outta Compton’. This was a cool one. No TV-show though.


What, no love for The OA?

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OH Yes I must add that to my list!!

Heh, just started a free month of Netflix. Two episodes into Arrow, Can the cop please become Arrow’s Commissioner Gordon already!? And his security guy be Alfred?

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Fairy Tail and Hunter x Hunter

BY FAR MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER! I seriously can’t wait until Halloween for the second season to come out, I’m actually not going to make it. :sweat_smile:

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Also it’s amazing how young the cast is! Really is something special. Love their work so far!

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The cast is perfect for this storyline… In a strange way, it kinda reminds me of my childhood, being resourceful and outsmarting the adults. :smile:

The upside world is creepy as hell. :fearful:

13 Reasons Why is THE WORST SHOW EVER. So lame and embarassing to watch.

My top 5:

  1. Breaking Bad. End of story.
  2. Orange Is The New Black
  3. Shameless
  4. Stranger Things
  5. LOVE