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Best sites for promotion/marketing? Help?

What are the best sites to promote your gigs on? So far I’ve been tweeting, posting to Facebook promotion groups and posting on Reddit.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!


Also try in LinkedIn and Instagram


Where are your potential customers? That’s where you should promote.
Don’t take the lazy way out by thinking that “everyone could be my customer”, that just leads to nothing.
Don’t spam forums and sites with gig links, show that you know what you are talking about by answering people’s questions. If you include gig links with those answers you lose all credibility.
Show you are an expert and people will want to hire you.
Show you are a spammer then people will avoid you.


You can get potential buyer from Reddit, Linkedin, Behance and Dribbble

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Promoting yourself on Facebook Groups and Reddit is not going to help you. It repels people. It’s spam.

There is no perfect platform. What matters is if people want to see your content and if it enhances your credibility.

Please research organic marketing. Promoting yourself like this clutters the web and will not get you leads.


Okay, I will research that. Thank you for your advice.

you are right.but,you can try Instagram