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Best sites for real organic traffic for fiverr gigs?

hello experts/professionals kindly share your experience and tell me best sites for real organic traffic for fiverr gigs?


There is no best site for organic traffic.

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Now now, don’t be hiding the secret website from people. It’s ok to allow a couple more people access to the super-super secret source of buyers that we have.
Maybe we should set up a series of quests that people have to complete before we allow them access to the holy grail.

Quest 1: have a quick look at a brief summary of marketing 101
Once that’s done, they will probably realise their folly


so is there any way or trick to get more traffic because i only get 8-10 impressions on my gigs.thanks

It’s not really sensible for people to use this thread to name their preferred sites or communities for promotion.

Imagine a logo designer coming into this thread and saying, “I get orders by promoting myself on XYZ forum and in XYZ Facebook group.” Those places would be full of spammers before the day is done.

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Honestly, Fiverr is the best site. You can share your gigs on your social media channels, to your email list, family/friends, word of mouth and so on. In terms of other 3rd party sites, good luck, most require some form of paid advertising. You can always start a blog but that could take years to build up.

There are no tricks with Fiverr. The best way to find success on this platform is to master it like a good student would. Fiverr offers a ton of resources from their podcast to blogs, plus this forum. Fiverr puts it all out there for us sellers to succeed. If you want to become a better seller I suggest increasing your knowledge, start reading and/or podcast education. Then test what you read or listening too.


Stop looking for tricks. Start researching how marketing works. I’ve shared many, many times how to do this and there are loads of resources. I’m not going to keep repeating myself if people can’t be bothered to read.

People would perform a lot better if they learned how marketing works instead of trying to find an easy shortcut. There isn’t one.


As I know some people use “10k hits” like this website. But I dont know its really work or not.

Haha I have all the secrets you know?

This is people’s problem. Instead of doing the work to learn and implement actual marketing, they want a magic formula that will put a sale in their lap. They want validation for this idea they have that posting their gig is marketing. It isn’t.

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I’d say, the best way to create organic traffic for your gigs is to do the following:

  1. Once you do first sale, and then the second, and then the third, and then the Xth sale. Post on the forum that you did.
  1. Advertise your gig in section where gigs are allowed to be advertised.
  2. Spamming people to order your gig.

However, things I found out that never work are:

  1. Creating a YouTube videos about the service you do and building a personal branding on social media.
  2. Instagram with portfolio and optimized hashtags.
  3. Facebook fan page.

Just inverse this, and you will get the right answers.


I think fiverr itself is already doing a good job in marketing to drive traffic to the platform so I don’t see any necessity of promoting gigs on different sites, If you really want to do so, you may share your gigs on some social media group where you think potential clients are. I’m not sure that way you gain any boost because that way we’re showing our gigs to people who has no need of that service on that particular time probably, so they will come to your gig and just go away. I think that’s not good for your gig too, because what fiverr system sees is that your gigs are getting views but having no orders which may affect on your gig ranking too.

In addition to that, you may read fiverr terms of service to aware about the platforms they ask sellers not promote gigs on for an example google adsense.

And you’d be right to disagree. :slight_smile:

Freaky was being a little sarcastic. That’s why at the end of his post he said we should invert his advice.


Sorry sir, u right wiz edited opinion. Trully sorry mam!

There is no guaranty, you will get orders even if you drive organic traffic from somewhere. The share option is open, only to share with someone who really wants your service so that you can share your service ( gig link ) to them. There are no sites for organic traffic unless you share your gig when people need it. :slight_smile:

That’s a great point. If a seller is selling something people truly want and doesn’t have a massive competition, they don’t need to market themselves.

People use marketing to try to compensate for supply exceeding demand and it isn’t going to work.

Notice that every single seller who asks me for a gig marketing trick or complains about not getting a sale is superfluous in their market. They’re trying to sell something that has like 60K gigs selling the same thing.

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Oh yeah, I didn’t see that actually was bit hurry to put the comment. anyways I took down my comment. :slight_smile:

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I’ve written a thread on ranking your gig here on Fiverr.

When working on Fiverr, Fiverr itself is the platform you should be doing your marketing. You can drive loads of “organic traffic” to your Fiverr gig through advertising, but that means you have to invest funds into your marketing.

For example, you can create your personal website and market your Fiverr gig on there. Then you can use Google Adwords to market your website to relevant audiences. It involves doing keyword research and setting up a proper campaign on Adwords, not to mention you need a fast, modern, responsive website with actual relevant content for your audience.

When you’ve done that, you can sell your services through Fiverr - sort of like using Fiverr as your payment platform. But doing that means you have to fork up 20% of your earnings in Fiverr commission, not to mention having a proper ad budget set up.

You should never market your Fiverr gig directly in Google Adwords (that is against the ToS). You could market your gig directly on Facebook ads. I’ve asked the CS team, and they told me it’s ok for Fiverr, but Facebook will sometimes stop your ad on their side, so I haven’t bothered. Facebook ads is just a huge money-drain anyway.

From this, we have learned a few useful things:

1. You are better off creating a professional website and selling your services directly on that website (in addition to selling on Fiverr), because Fiverr takes a 20% cut, meaning it will be the most expensive “payment platform” on earth. Having a professional website and selling your services there, taking payments on Paypal or with a credit card provider is way cheaper. Then you can sell your services both via your website, that you’re marketing on AdWords, and on Fiverr. You should never put all your eggs in one basket in the first place, so having multiple platforms and marketing/sales channels is a good idea.

2. Selling on Fiverr means marketing on Fiverr. You can do this by following the advice in my gig ranking post + delivering consistently excellent quality and service to your buyers here on Fiverr.

3. You could boost your sales on Fiverr by marketing your Fiverr gig on your professional website, but again, that will result in you having to give a 20% cut to Fiverr. If you just want to gain sales here on Fiverr, it might be useful, but in the long run, delivering quality and offering something unique here on Fiverr will do that for you.

4. Driving organic traffic to your Fiverr gig is all about optimizing that gig for search here on Fiverr, and delivering quality work to your buyers. It’s also about excellent communication skills and providing a unique service.

Stop looking for shortcuts - they usually fall short. :slight_smile:


Those sites themselves need real organic traffic :unamused:

And this is why several sites do not allow Fiverr links at all


Yep. I really wish Twitter would ban Fiverr links.