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Best Social Media for Gig Promotion

Which one is the best Social Media for Gig Promotion?


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There is no ‘best’ place. It depends on your target market and where they are.


Thanks for your answer

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You can promote for free on Quora ladies and gentlemen!

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not true at all.

There are ways!

So, it’s a good idea to try and sell premium basketball tickets to baseball fans?

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Its called targeting the right prospects for your services which is easy if you want to learn :slight_smile:

I said nothing about social meadia i said Q&A sites!

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And a Q&A site is a good place to market t-shirt designs? I rather doubt this. Maybe for virtual assistant, researcher, and leads services, but not graphic design.

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Please do not say what can be done at a place you never have been.

Please keep a open mind is my best advice for you.

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