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Best time for being online

what is the best time for being online for a seller can anyone please help me.


There is no such thing.

It’s like owning a store and asking “what’s the best time for you to be there”.

The advantage of having a presence on an online marketplace like Fiverr is that an enquiry or sale can come at any time.


Couldn’t agree more.

Unfortunately most newcomers try to find shortcuts…


Always be online using the mobile app, there is no best time.


Try to be online every time either from your PC or Mobile and You should check your fiver on regular intervals because sometimes you seem offline inspired of being online.


Stop misleading people. Staying online doesn’t generate sales.

Stop misleading people. Staying online doesn’t generate sales.


but it is proven fact that buyers normally prefer the online sellers


I have to say -from my short experiences- the only reason to be constantly online is to respond immediately to a message that we will receive from a buyer.
I noticed that my late response was one of the reasons to lose a buyer but my on time response was the reason to get the order of a new buyer.


Show me the stats!

I get orders even when I am sleeping.


In my opinion you have the wrong idea. It is nothing to do with what time you are online or for how long.

It is however all to do with whether you have an in-demand service or unique gig that is well presented and priced fairly.

I only ever go online to respond to messages or deliver orders. I am probably logged on and showing as active on Fiverr for less than 30 minutes a day. I would say 95 percent or more of my orders are placed when I’m showing as offline.


Actually right you might have gotten the order while sleeping but if someone has texted you any query and your are offline r sleeping the buyer may switch to someother seller who is online

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@english_voice gets it.

It’s what was covered in my recent webinar as well:

Set up your gig in a way that no interaction is needed.

Everything should be super-clear, leaving the prospect with nothing else to do than purchase.


OK so what you are describing is not worth stressing over. We all sleep, take personal time, spend time with loved ones. What you are describing is an impossible problem.

And again: setting up the “perfect” gig won’t convince everyone. Sure.

But if your gig is setting and managing expectations for you, then whatever question the buyer have, they will be forced to wait for you to come back online vs switching the next available seller.

It won’t be a matter of who’s there to answer, it’s a matter of showing them, you are the right fit and that it’s in their best interest to engage with you.


The above is exactly right.

If your gig is just thrown together and full of mistakes it would not matter if you stayed online forever.

Nobody would buy it!


If your gigs are fully set-up, then there isn’t really a ‘good time to be online.’

You should just check it for messages/notifications periodically, whenever it’s convenient.

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Not really

That means your profile is not strong enough. Unless the buyer is in a hurry, most people give at least 10-12 hours for a person to reply. They just contact multiple people and wait for answers.

If someone rushes the work… then that’s a sign he might not be the buyer for you.

So you want people to not sleep just to get orders? That’s not necessary. Fiverr even shows what time is in your timezone. So the buyer knows it’s night time and he can wait.


Actually, there is no exact time to being online.

The story of King Canute springs to mind. He tried to demonstrate the foolishness of trying to hold back the tide. He got wet. The modern day version of this story is the Fiverr seller who tries to be online 24/7. It is impossible to maintain. Very quickly you get found out to be a fraud and your health suffers.

Who cares if a message comes through when you’re asleep, and the potential buyer finds someone else to work with? If the buyer can’t wait a reasonable period of time for a response then it’s a red flag they might not be good to work with. I’m not going to sell my soul for $5 in the middle of the night.

Sellers, please stop trying to operate 24/7 or fake being around 24/7. It’s not healthy.


If they are in that kind of a hurry they may well go with someone who is online. However, if they have read my FAQs and my gig description most of their questions should have been answered and they should not need to talk to me to complete the order.

I guess in the end it is about how desperate you are to get orders and what you are willing to sacrifice to be on line.

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try to stay 12-14 hours active. no specific time can be mentioned.