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Best timing for Kindle promotion advertised by Fragglesrock

I am new to fiverr so forgive me for a possibly naive question. I have signed up for Fragglesrock to advertise my Kindle book promotion, and received the order delivery date: October 11th. To maximize “returns,” is it recommended to start the Kindle promotion a couple of days after Fragglesrock puts up their ad, or on the very same day? The Kindle promotion lasts a week.

Thank you for your time.

Moderator Note: Username removed. Buyers may not post the username of a seller on the forum during gig progress. Buyers and sellers also may not post usernames after a gig ends to call someone out over problems.

Welcome to Fiverr. Fiverr sellers are independent contractors, so you would need to ask the seller what they recommend. The forum is for all buyers and sellers in many different categories, so it would be hard for others to advise you. If there are others who have purchased similar services and can offer thoughts, they can participate in the thread. This is not really a Tip for Sellers, however, so it will be moved to Conversations shortly.

That is a general marketing question and it’s possible that your SEller you bought the gig from might be able to advise you on, or you may need to go search google and read about the best way to do a Kindle promotion. YOu also sometimes have to try different things and see what works.

Also, do you know if the seller you bought your gig from has a good target market of people interested in your book?

Thank you for your replies. I did suspect I was posting on the wrong board, so wherever it gets moved to is fine. I have asked the seller and hope to hear from them before everything is finalized.

Reply to @philosophervet: Good luck!