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Best Tip To Get Orders

Best Tip To Get Orders Through Buyer Request
Hey Folks, I would like to share an amazing tip while sending buyer request.

Note: I divide my entire template into four parts so read all part carefully.

Now way of sending request

Step 1 and part one:
Hey sir/mam, before choosing me kindly check my previous work, portfolio & hundreds of 5-star feedback for your satisfaction.

Step 2 and part two:
Read buyer instructions or requirements carefully and type offer according to their instructions/requirement, For example, buyer need a banner for cosmetic company that name is ABC company. Now, what would you do in step two see, “if you are looking for a banner of your company that name is “ABC” then you’ve got right offer/bid.
(Don’t complex here just write point to point so buyer can realize that seller understating my demand)

Step3 and part three:

Benefits of my offer:

  • Give you unlimited revisions up to your satisfaction (but i know attempts will be enough to satisfy you)
  • Provide you all file formats included source(editable) file
  • Delivery time less than 48 Hrs
  • Provide you printable and transparent too
  • High-quality ultra max output
  • 2 concepts with 2 variations

Step 4 and part four: (main step)
This part is base upon buyer requirements if seller thinks buyer’s requirements is more than $5 then seller can mention note. Note: The cost would be discussed after reviewing complete details but it would be in your budget.

Regards: Nimrakhan Pro Designer.

Note: Through this tip, I receive 80% positive response so far
Note 2: In his Tip Revisions depend on your niche


I don’t think this is necessary. Particularly if you aren’t certain of the users gender. There was a topic discussing whether or not to use this a few days ago.

Whilst these benefits are a great way to entice in customers, you don’t want to be too generous. Offering all these services is usually not covered in the initial cost. If the buyer wants unlimited revisions then that should probably be a gig extra rather than part of the main order.

I’m not sure that you’re allowed to send shortened URLs on fiverr. I’ll have to double check this but it is my understanding that you have to send the full link.


Gender is optional. I share my own experience, you may criticize but i got orders from this method


one more thing, there are many sellers even senior sellers who are selling unlimited revisions in initial cost. First thing is make a buyer to your permanent buyer or regular buyer make business with buyer instead of one time earning.


Yes, you can set unlimited revision once the buyer is a regular buyer that you trust, however if this is for the buyer requests then unlimited revisions can easily be abused.


I wouldn’t recommend offering unlimited revisions either. If you can’t deliver the work with 2-3 revisions then either your client doesn’t know what they want or you don’t know what you’re doing. It will be waste of time for both sides.

I would add to this list
Step 5: Check your grammar.


Revisions totally depend on your niche if you are working on Development side like WordPress then it’s useless for you, but if you are doing logo designing you may bear multiple revisions.
PS : Pro seller can satisfy a buyer in just 2 revisions maximum. the main thing is understand buyer requirements, if you design according to buyer requirement in first attempt than buyer will not ask to multiple revisions think about it.


Exactly my point :slight_smile:
Offering unlimited revisions is an indication that you might be a newbie who doesn’t know what he/she doing. It’s a not a selling point anymore. Buyers want to get the job done with minimal effort (2-3 revisions).

If you’re recommending new sellers to promise “unlimited revisions” then you’re not really helping them. They will be taken advantage and buyers want to work with sellers that can do the job with minimum revisions.


wow great tips

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Thank you so much! I appreciate this post good luck for your carrier on fiverr! :heart_eyes:


Thanks your valuable tips.

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Thanks for suggestion. It’s helpful for new seller.

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Yes these tips are very helpful for new comers. But fiverr should do something for the sellers who post their gigs in buyer request section. :100:

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This is One of the best post related to Buyer Request. That portfolio suggestion was unique and the way you started with the first step it was really convincing and professional. Thank you for giving us your important time.


Thanks for the tips.
It will help me a lot…

Thank you For amazing Instruction.

it will really help me.

@ nimrakhan123 I will follow your tips and tricks. Thanks.

Great job and well explained post.

Really Great Job…very helpful

Thank you so you so for your kind of words!

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