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Best tips for order

Hi. Friends i want to share my best tips with all fiverr’s users.
now a days i am making $2000+ every month from this steps.
step one: always online ( you can use Fiverr mob application).
step two: reply fast to every msg.
step three and golden step: always polite with your buyer/client.
step four: always give bonus offers to your buyers and make them happy.
step five:always do hard work to give them quality work to your buyers thats make maximum chances to positive reviews.
also promote your gigs on FB,Twitter.


Man, if it was that easy we’d all be rolling in the green stuff.

Rich people don’t get rich by freebies on cheap work, btw.

LOL! Do you as well feel when you read this and like this tips like you are watching a TV shop commercials?

“but wait! There’s more…”

Hi @nimrakhan123

The advice you’ve offered is very simple, but often forgotten. Thank you very much! I particularly agree with Step #4.

It’s important to offer your clients something that they don’t expect. Their expectations should be met and blown away!

To discover ways to do this better, I strongly suggest offering a short survey to clients. Perhaps for completing, you could offer them a custom discount. Use the information to better your gig and anticipate their needs.

The better you get at being able to give them everything they want and need without them asking, the more they will feel understood and happy. :slight_smile:

Happy Fiverring!

Don’t bribe your clients with freebies in exchange for a positive review, for me as a buyer it would be begging and does not make a good impression. Impress your client with your work and fantastic service and the positive reviews will start flying in.

Dear i am not talking about exchange the rewiew,you are not getting properly what i am trying to say…i am going to share my positive experience with you all.
bribe is another thing which is bad.

What worked for you may or may not work for others. However, your tips are quite reasonable to follow.

My misunderstanding sorry! Anyways, congrats on your success ; )


I especially like the last tip, particularly Twitter. Plus Instagram is great too! Congrats on your success!

Waoowww. It means our Pakistani people are also on the road of success.

How could a new seller can boost up his/her gigs to get an order?

thanks for the help!!

Thanks for the tips.

Thanks for your appreciation.Yes ALLHAMDULLAH many Pakistanis earning handsome amount from Fiverr. Even fiverr have changed my life totally.Really big thanks to #fiverr.

yes, and Thanks

Dear many things matter here. always give eye-catching title, unique Image, Attractive gig description that buyer can understand easily and select good tags which matched with your services…also send daily 10 buyer requests.

I Dont agree with freebies either. Just work hard to deliver what your client orders. If you say 3 days and you can get done in 2 thats ok. But I would not start giving out free voicovers in the blind hope someone might make another order.

If you undervalue youself and you servives so will everyone else!

Yes Bro! We’re . I feel Very Happy , whenever I see a Pakistani doing hard work here & Providing Great Services Worldwide.
ALLHAMDULILLAH , I’am also earning $2000+ monthly from this Great Platform #fiverr. @usahmad & @nimrakhan123 . nice to see both of you in this Race .

God Bless All of Us :slight_smile:
M. Amir