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Best tips TO be Top seller



as i am here form 12 moths happy & really working hard to increase sale :slight_smile:

but i want to make fiverr as my full biz & make it safe for me by having TRS so i can work more as it is my only source for income, can any one let me know the best way to be TRS that’s will help me & other to grow more :slight_smile: THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE & SORRY FIR MY BAD ENGLISH :stuck_out_tongue:


@frank_d (You were saying…)


@djgodknows When I saw this post earlier I just cringed. :slight_smile:


So @daimdesigns if you are serious about reaching TRS level, please consider hiring a private English tutor for starters.

And definitely keep on posting on all forum threads! :stuck_out_tongue:


Please don`t… :sweat_smile:


TRS are handpicked by Fiverr staff. There is really no secret formula. Don’t worry too much about the levels. A lot of level 2 sellers earn more than some of the TRS here.

Just focus on providing excellent work and service. Good luck!


Thanks a lot for this, you mean it & the other here are just pulling Legs as i am a designer Not a content writer :smiley: