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Best way to ask buyer for a Review or feedback

For the first time, I have two buyers who have refused to rate me. Marked order as complete and I ask them again and again if I could do any more revision and they said they liked everything, but yet I can’t find my rating. Is there any best way to ask for this without breaking the TOS?


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@shopify_ijaz Have you done this before without getting warning, I don’t want to risk anything.


@chester48 NO NO NO don’t do this. It’s not allowed of talking of review IN ANY WAY.


@shopify_ijaz NO you are not. Do you want him to be banned?


Since it is not allowed via messages, you can write it at the end of your gig descriptions. I’ve seen this many times in different sellers.

Something like: I love reviews!


@corsogr I think this will be not allowed?


Seen this in seller’s description sitting there for years. Seen many things that are questionable.


And, that is their right. When a buyer receives the order, believe me, they get prompted by Fiverr to give feedback, a rating and even to tip you if they choose to do so.

There is never any reason for you to ask “again and again” if everything is OK on their end with the order - in fact, THAT could get you a TOS violation for spamming them with nonsense. If they marked your order complete, it means they accepted it (does not mean they liked it though) - it is OUT of your hands now. You delivered the work, move on to the next order. I have actually seen behavior the likes of yours messaging the buyer asking about the order (more than once) and that action being “rewarded” with BAD feedback as in a 1 or 2 star rating with the complaint that they were pestered to give feedback continuously or were bugged about the order period. Leave the buyer alone. They are not 2 years old and need you to hold their hand to give you a rating. In fact, maybe you would feel better that the last 2 people did NOT rate you! Some withhold a rating if they were less than impressed and they do not want to hurt your profile here and some do not rate because they do not want other sellers to look up how they rate or what they have ordered in the past. Some buyers are just private people like that.

There is NO way to ask for a rating without walking a thin line here that could be seen as a TOS violation by Fiverr. Just deliver the work, and let the buyer decide if they want to message you, rate you or ask for a revision.



Wow…this is interesting

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Interesting and TRUE!!!


Don’t risk your account by bugging buyers after you deliver. They know how to get a hold of you. It’s the old saying, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”.



GG, You should be in a Fiverr Team! You explain things so well… :innocent: :hugs:


From forum participation you can get in a Fiverr team? Interesting. :thinking:

I think it’s better to don’t ask for review or feedback. if you do that may you will get a warning. so don’t take risk.

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Please don’t. Do not solicit buyers for any type of feedback, regardless of mentioning reviews or ratings.


I think we should not ask for review, it’s not good.


Buyers are NOT obligated to say anything (good or bad) in a review after you have completed the job you were hired to do.

I have over 650 reviews, but that only represents 76% of my completed jobs.

In other words, 24% of the work I have done on Fiverr has not be rated by the Buyers.

I had two jobs last month that did not get reviews.

Did it upset me?

Absolutely not.

I’m not here for reviews.

I’m here to provide a service to those who hire me.

I understand how important reviews are to new Fiverr Sellers, but trust me, they are no big deal.

EDIT: Remember, Fiverr does send prompts to Buyers reminding them to leave a review.

Do NOT do this yourself.


It’s either ask, then someone pops in and says don’t ask. Another says ask. Come on, I think we are scared of the unknown. I want to know who has tried in a pleasant way that won’t warrant a warning, not people who are scared of the unknown.

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@looseink Over 650 reviews. You can’t compare yourself to me… I need those reviews more than you need them.

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