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Best way to ask client to rate the gig?

What is the best way to tell or remind your client to rate the gig?
I’m having some troubles sometimes asking my clients to rate my gig without sounding too desperate lol



…reviews must be honest and independent of any outside pressures…



Follow this advice :arrow_up:

Thank you so much! Will avoid doing this from now on :slight_smile:

I know it’s bad when auto-complete orders without any feedbacks. This is the best way, just remind them they can put feedback about their experience, and that’s it. Don’t request any specific feedbacks like a 5-star rating.

I attached the solution that I got from the Fiverr customer support.


Are we allowed to ask " Can you provide feedback on the order if possible ? " as we follow this as of now

I would avoid at all costs mentioning feedback or reviews with the buyer. If you read the reply from CS above, it would seem as though you can inform the buyer that they will have an option to rate their experience, but, this is quite different than asking them to rate their experience.



Thank you ! From now on we would avoid saying anything at all . If they do it then good and if not then its okay .