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Best way to ask for a review from buyer?


What is the best way to ask for a review if you find your buyers little busy or not interested in reviewing your work?


Don’t ask - leave them to leave a review if they want to. :slight_smile:


Perfect! Thanks @offlinehelpers


Hi @momnaikram970

I always send this text

Please, don’t forget to leave a rating and a review about your experience with me. Thank you!

it’s just a reminder to encourage the buyer to post a review. I never ask for 5-star, that’s the buyer decision


Thank you so much :blush::+1:


I just normally write like this:
Hello, here are your files. If you need any changes please let me know.
If you are happy with my service please give the best rating.
Thanks for your order.

Thank you!


Usually when it happens with me, I offer something extra to his/her inbox related to the service he ordered :slight_smile:
and then I add my text to rate my gig. That way they write a review which is more than expected :smiley: