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Best way to come back gig in search

I need your help. My gig disppear when I search with my title. I think One month ago, Please tell me what can i do. I am very worried about this??

Here my GIG:

Please response to my Query.
Waiting response from Expert

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Please see:


Thank you For this!!!

I really do appreciate the link spamming replies to these kinds of issues as has been the standard, and the person above me has already provided. I’m facing the same issue myself, and have no idea how to fix it beyond endlessly updating my gig, which no longer appears in any of the relevant searches after an update was applied. This is an issue, but from what i’ve seen, not something that anyone can help with as nobody knows what the heck is going on with the algorithm.
If your gig is active and marked as indexed, but not showing up in search, you can’t really do anything but contact CS and hope they’ll give you anything other than a scripted reply. I’ve been back and forth with them for weeks now, and they literally cannot tell me anything other than: LOOK YOUR GIG IS ACTIVEEEEEEE YAAYYYYYY!
The only suggestion I can offer you is the one that has been offered to me numerous times: wait it out or update your gig, or create new, more specialized ones in the same category and hope they’ll convert. Keep me in the loop in case you figure something out :slight_smile:

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Thank for Great info!! I have updated my gig again now!!
Lets see what happen now!

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