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Best way to converse with buyers?

Hey Guys,
I have been using fiverr since like 4-5 years but still I find it difficult to converse with buyers because English is not my first language. I would like to get few suggestions from you guys.
What should be the BEST way (message) to make a delivery to a buyer so that they are mesmerized (some what) and they feel happy to TIP us :slight_smile: :smiley:
Or say "Suggesting buyers to go for extras to make the product PERFECT (as sometimes buyers just go for $5 order without even looking at the Extra services and in $5 we cant do much which might sometime result in poor ratings.) "

Any Suggestions will be highly appreciated and welcomed :smiley:

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Tip isn’t granted on delivery sentence ,it is granted on quality work.:smirk:


That is very true mam but sometimes even a proper “delivery message” also works as magic. You know TIP comes from something special other then perfect product we deliver. In my video editing field, product is generally like what user sees on the gig preview, so there is nothing much I can do with product.

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This reminds me of an incident that I had with a seller once. Upon delivery, he wrote something to the effect (can’t remember exact wording), ". . . Terminate something

I thought he was telling me to go away or he wanted to stop working with me. I was shocked. I mean I filled his requirement right away, answered he’s questions within the hour - even though we were in different time zones.

I asked him what he’s reasoning was to terminate his relationship with me. He came back and apologized saying that he wanted the gig or delivery terminated, not our relationship.

Still one of my best and top seller.

Terminate is not the best word to use with buyers unless you’re telling them to “take a long, long, hike.” :laughing:

Seriously, I like things like these within delivery.

  • Thank your for your order. Here is the delivery as described in the gig description and per our discussion.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me before accepting so that we may further discuss.

  • Please keep in mind, if you are unable to or do not accept within three (3) days of the delivered time, the system will automatically accept. If that happens and you still have concerns, feel free to contact me to discuss.

  • Because your satisfaction is important to me, if you feel anything was less than top performance, please bring that to my attention.

When the end product is great, the seller is professional - I tend to tip.

EDIT: Early delivery is a plus. On time and late delivery really ticks me off and those rarely are good. It tells me the seller scrambled to get it done at the last minute.

I don’t like it when the seller asks for tips, rude or abrupt.

Also, I rarely tip on my 1st order from a seller, unless he or she really over delivers. I typically tip on 2nd orders and up.


I wonder if you were able to display on your gig how might a project would look for $5 vs with added gig extras. Perhaps this would motivate the buyer to purchase more. Seeing the difference visually always helps in my opinion.

As for asking…truthfully I never would ask for a tip or even mention it but if you are professional and courteous, I think that goes far and can increase your chances of getting tipped. Of course delivering early and great quality helps the most. In your delivery message I would mention “please feel free to contact me for any revisions changes. I’m happy to assist.” to show you really want to make their project excellent. I’m always surprised when I’m tipped but never expect it. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thank you for this! I’m going to save these tips :slight_smile:

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Thats a genuine reason sir. I respect that. We all must be professional in our field :slight_smile:

Mam I do advertise gig with extras and also mentioned same in the description but many a times buyers tend to oversee it and straight forward go for the order which creates problems in making them understand what they ordered and what can be added to make it look Perfect like my gig preview. They threaten to cancel it if we dont deliver like gig previews (added extras). I am sure you would have faced something like this.