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Best way to counter 'just buy gig without contacting' people?

Hello, I’ve been lurker on forum for a while so I have a question. I have some negative experience with people just buying gig without contacting me (not giving me choice not to work with them) and I am not sure how to counter that. I raised prices recently and that seems to slow them down but they still pop out I am not sure what else to do? Random guy buys gig does not fill requirements for weeks and I take cancellation. Any tips/ideas?


I am not sure how to counter this because Fiverr is known for the buyer’s ability to book a gig without contacting the seller. It is what makes Fiverr unique, and some buyers seem to like this feature.

However, I must warn you to limit the number of revisions you offer. If you keep the unlimited revisions you now have on your gig then you could potentially be revising forever.


Rising prices was the only thing that worked for me. If it doesn’t stop the deluge, perhaps consider rising them a bit more?

I also plastered “CONTACT ME BEFORE PURCHASE” at the top of my gig description and I think I’m seeing some (very modest) decrease from that, too. There is no 100% effective solution to this, I’m afraid.

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I agree with @lenasemenkova,
raising the price and “Message me” does help.

People will STILL place an order, but for me personally it did make a difference.
I added the “please message me before placing an order” in bold in the gig description,
I also placed the same message (again, in big bold letters) in my gig image. :slight_smile:


Raise prices higher until it stops.


What REALLY stopped this problem for me what was changing my gig videos to not only say that I require contact first for this particular gig, but explain why. I explain why it is in their best interests to contact me first and why suitability matters. After I did this I almost totally stopped getting the orders for that gig without prior contact and approval. And of course I also explain this in the gig description.

Once people see the value in compliance, they seem more likely to comply.

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forever young :sunglasses:

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Fiverr was built to be an easy way for buyers to get virtual services. It tells the buyers they can find a gig they like, click the green button, and wait. If you have a problem with that, you’ll have to either cancel every one you get or deal with the fact that you work on a platform that caters to this kind of buyer.

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