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Best way to deal with an unpleasant buyer

There’s a buyer that’s stressing me out.

On the first occasion we work together, this person described my work as “horrible” in the chat. I asked them to elaborate, but they didn’t do so. Somehow, they still provided a 5* review - so I don’t know whether they were just yanking my chain before or trying to be nice after the fact. In any case, I found it unsettling.

A day or so later after the first order is complete, this buyer approaches me with another job offer (which of course took me by surprise). I was trying to think up a good excuse to decline but upon looking at the job in more detail I realised I had a perfectly good reason to decline - it was both unethical and in clear breach of Fiverr’s ToS. I said as much to the buyer and that seemed to be that.

But is there a more permanent way to prevent a buyer from contacting me? I don’t want to make trouble for this buyer, but I also really don’t know how much more of this jerking around I can take. Oh and another thing - this person offers a very similar gig to my own, and seems clearly to be outsourcing work to up and coming sellers like me.


If you block the buyer, they’ll no longer be able to message you or place orders from you!

However, there is the occasional buyer who will create multiple accounts just to keep bothering you, but that’s pretty rare.

If something they said or showed violates the TOS, you can always report their message and Fiverr will look at it.

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Thanks for your reply!

I think that I probably will block them for my piece of mind then.

I was initially against the idea of blocking or reporting them on the off chance they might make another account and contact me again. But the way you’ve explained it is quite reassuring - making multiple accounts to annoy people is probably too much of a hassle for most!


How unfortunate for you.

I was going to suggest blocking the Buyer but that has already been said.

What I want to do is take this opportunity to remind you (and others reading this thread) that no Buyer is worth stressing out over. If they have caused you reason to get stressed about a job, future jobs, etc. your most logical course of action is to block that person.

Don’t let a Buyer bully you in any way.

You are worth more than a 5-Star review or the promise of additional work.

You are a freelancer.

You are not obligated to take every job that comes at you.

Good luck.


Thank you for your kind words - you’ve really made me feel a lot better about the situation! It’s comforting to know that the Fiverr community is a nice one for the most part!

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I would block them because that can stop them from ordering and contact you.To be honest I think they wanted you to do extra work in the fear of getting a 1star. Long story short I would block them and take the 5 star review and laugh it off.

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