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Best way to deal with life on Fiverr

Have no expectations! Be thrilled with every order, be grateful for every $1. Treat everything you make on Fiverr as a bonus and have other sources of income.

April was my best month on Fiverr, May was my worst, and in June I have already made more money than I did in May. So be happy and surprised every time, and never get dejected. Never complain and stay away from the negativity.

Get orders, do them. Don’t get orders, do something else. Good luck!

(Yeah Jon, I know what you will say…social media marketing etc. Yeah, doesn’t work for me. I don’t even have a Facebook account.)


I don’t encourage social media marketing, unless the person doing the marketing is connected to their customers. Most people plastering their gig links all over social media aren’t, and, are, therefore, not effectively marketing their gigs. :wink:



I’m thinking of deleting my Facebook, I’ve unfollowed so many people there’s nothing but ads in my feed now haha.


Good Day, Bad Day, Life Goes On!
We only could do the best we can today, everyday…