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Best way to find best selling fiverr gigs!

Often its hard to find a good gig to make on Fiverr. So I narrowed it down into some easy steps that will help you to choose and pick gigs that often already have traction with customers. For any newbies looking to become a freelancer and get started on Fiverr this is an excellent video to watch to learn a little more about getting a gig that will produce sales!
Watch it here :*********

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What you don’t seem to realize is that the gig you selected has 55000 reviews which means it is likely that the majority of his queue is made up of repeat clients. For a new seller to try compete with a gig which is so established, has such an amount of reviews and a short delivery time is next to impossible.

Sellers should stick to doing gigs that they themselves are good at, rather than trying to copy other people. If they are not good at anything, they should learn. We dont need more logo designers offering the same as everyone else - there are already over 50,000 logo design gigs!


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I clearly stated in the video that you need to find your niche and things that your good at . The. Use my method to figure out what kind of gigs to make .

Wouldn’t you want to make a gig that was different from your competitors rather than the same? For example, if I could offer sci-fi stories instead of just stories as a niche category and no one else was doing that, wouldn’t that give me a leg up for the clients who are seeking out a niche?

Your method is okay, but ultimately I think it can also be valuable to offer something that no one else is offering.


I saw the video and I have to agree with the previous comments. It’s a bit too simplified.
You did mention that a buyer has to find their own niche, but looking for the best selling gigs is probably not the best way to do it.

I agree that you need to do market research. There’s no point offering a service that nobody needs.
However, I think you should have focused more on how to find the right niche where you have a fighting chance. Something that has enough demand, but low competition.

Thanks to you for the link which you send.

Great tips. Thank you. :+1:

For me, niche gigs are the best ones. I’ve made general gigs and very specialized nich gigs, and I’ve made a lot of sucess with the nich gigs. Because people will search for things in a very specific way.

So yeah, Nich gigs & unique gigs are the best ones for a new freelancer.

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Thanks Alot For your Instruction