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Best Way To Get Contant Buyers

Hello, based on my experienced here on fiverr, i have been realized that for a fiverrian seller to get continuous orders from buyer is buy following the instructions of the buyer, make fast delivery, cool speech while communicating with your buyer, respect them like a king, get them unlimited revisions, tell your buyer that you are not satisfied until he/she is satisfied with its job with many ideals that will make your buyer be happy. Thanks for reading my tips

I don’t follow or agree with all of them, but these tips aren’t particularly bad. I think they’ve all been covered before. Since they are tips and in the right category, that’s good, but what I wonder is why you are posting tips on a brand new account with no reviews? If it’s just to get attention, other sellers might read this but many sellers do not buy.

i am yet to get a buyer, please check out my gig and see what is wrong.

Thanks for your replied, I’m just giving this out based on experienced faced by me on one buyer that ordered from me

Great tips! Many of these have worked for me. Check out my gig: https://www.fiverr.*********

Kim_talented you are already a level two seller, so why paste you gig link where a comment is needed. I think that is spamming or is it not?

Plus, you had a previous account @ebookcovers_pro. I see now. Maybe you should let that quiet down first. What happened?

It’s spam and should be moved to the My Fiverr Gigs section! :frowning:

LoL. Mods blocked it out.

I got only one buyer for previous month. can you please check out my Gigs and advice me, how to increase buyers. Thank you.

Thank you for the tip.


I am new i am into Seo keyword research
i haven’t gotten any order but i know i will as time pass :frowning:

i have only one account, their is order on my account winch was delivered last Saturday and the client put me into a lot of problem, it was redelivered again about three days now and she has not reply me about the job

I like your courage and passions!