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Best way to get fiverr orders

I had a marketing Instagram account and a fiverr 3 months ago and i forgot about it until last week and my fiverr gig had 10k views and clicks and 8 orders and i forgot about it so i couldnt get back to those orders but making a social media for your fiverr gig is the best way to get clicks. but now i am a dedicated fiverr user i reply back in minutes check out my page

Hey there,

There are many ways to sell Fiverr gigs, and there’s certainly no “best” way at the moment. But you’re right to the extent that networking is crucial to any business.

Sorry about the loss of gigs. There’s a vacation button that Fiverr offer sellers. Probably use it next time when you’re not planning on revisiting the site for a while. Or if you are, check your emails often for new gigs, enquiries or just in general.