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Best way to get orders

Still you don’t have orders on your gigs here I will advert your gig to target Customers… I will tip you on how to rank your gig… Social is very powerful.
I will promote your fiverr gig and website with 100 millions fb, twitter, linkdin, google, social , Pinter rest and lots more…real traffics and I will submit your gigs to search engines…


100 million of what? Interesting that you don’t specify what the number 100 million refers to…

You don’t have access to 100 million followers. Come on… Even if you did, I bet at least 95% of those are bots/fake followers.

A following is only powerful if it is engaged and relevant. Oh, and human. That helps, too.

Also, your gig is full of grammar and spelling errors.


100 millions facebook users gonna see my gigs for just 5 USD? are you kidding?


You state that you’ll promote your client’s product, yet the listing describes that ultimately you can’t “force” people to view their product. So are you offering traffic or the potential for traffic?

In any case, I doubt anyone is naive enough to believe that someone would generate 10 million authentic leads for $5. That’s just ridiculous.

I get that you’re trying to promote your gig, but this is clearly dishonest. And on the minute chance that it isn’t, well sign me up.


Please read the title and description clear…not only on Facebook across all social platforms…

Yes…I will promote it across various platforms

Please am not Using bots… All are real people…

Amen :pray::pray: @denton11, I totally agree with you… he can sign me up as well if he can prove it :rofl::joy:


I know. That still doesn’t answer my question. 100 million what? Followers?

You can’t buy engagement. There is no way you have access to that many real people. And anyone who does isn’t going to just charge $5. This is a total scam. Of course they aren’t real people.


You honestly want us to believe you have access to something like this, which would no doubt require a lot of resources to build, and you are only charging $5? What a joke. You’d be losing money, not making it.

Again, you can’t buy engagement. They may not be bots, but they are certainly not breathing, thinking, engaged people. You probably use one of those follow farms.

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Hi there @cyb3rusertech, If I were you I would take @humanissocial advice. She is a true expert in Social Media. She knows her stuff way better than most of us here.


Thank you so much for advice

Thank, Humberto! You’re too kind.

But seeing as our friend has a bigger following than Lady Gaga and fewer fake followers than she does, maybe we should ask him for advice? :wink::joy:


Muhahaha,:rofl: Lady Gaga, or Mr. President of the United States. I rather follow your advice :rofl::joy:


i really don’t understand why you share your gig in forum why not share…

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where you get 100 millions. It’s a big number. Can you catch it.

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Thanks everyone… The point argument here is not the 100million… The main reason of the 100 million is a way to get my gig title look smart… Its good to use numbers in gig title… I hope am understood… Thanks you all. But the fact reason am promoting to real people. In different social platforms.

Yes but misrepresenting your title for the purpose of gaining clients or traffic is likely against Fiverr’s TOS.

Secondly, it’s also a lie because your listing clearly offers ‘100m followers’ for $45. If a person places an order, what happens when you can’t deliver Xmillion traffic; would you be happy paying for a product that doesn’t exist?

While I feel harsh coming down on you, and I get that you’re just trying to make a living, ultimately it’s best if you take the advice of people above. It’s a scam, you know it’s a scam and you’ll just end up getting in trouble.


Oh and welcome to the community!


Hey Denton11!

I Think You Read My Gig Wrong, It Is 1000, 5000, and 10,000 which are all easy to do because i have spent the past year growing instagram accounts, and 100m followers is virtually impossible! I Made My Forum To Help Others Grow There Fiverr’s Because If I’m Being Honest, You Can Go To Youtube Or Google And Search “How To Grow On Fiverr” And Some Will Work But Some Won’t, So I Simply Wanted To Make A Forum To Show People A Few Ways That They Can Grow On Fiverr And To Teach Some Others Real Ways On Growing Instead Of Them Feeling Pointless After Months Have Come And They Have Not Received Any Payment Because The Methods They Was Taught Was Simply Not Enough Or Was Not Able To Grow There Fiverr For People To See It.

Thank You For Taking The Time To Reply To My Reply On The Topic And I Fully Understand It Is Against Fiverr’s ToS But I Am Not Doing Anything To Gain Myself Money I Simply Just Included The Link Because It Was About Social Media And I’m Sorry If I Bothered You In Any Way Possible I’m Just Trying To Make A Living From Fiverr As I Don’t Make Any Money At Home And Because I Wan’t To Help Some Other People Grow On Fiverr Too!

Yours Sincerely