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Best way to get over a bad review?

Hello everyone,
I recently got my first bad review, after having only 5 star reviews so far. The client never messaged me, just placed an order with his topic (I do research). I delivered, told him if he wanted anything changed or more research done to let me know. He had unlimited revisions in the order. 3 days later, the order is marked complete, and he gives me a 1.7 star review. All he wrote under the review was “For deep web research”. He did not say why he was displeased. I responded and said I am sorry that he feels displeased, and also wrote that he did not request any revisions which he had the option of. What is the best way to move forward after a bad review? My overall review rate is now down to 4.5.

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The best way to get over a bad review is to deliver high-quality services in the future, and making sure you’re always following the customers request. If you are unsure about what exactly the buyer wants, you should always ask, and communicate with them to “pick their brain”. Get as much information as possible about what they want and how they want it done, and then deliver on that.

I’m not sure why you got a bad review on this particular order - only you and the buyer can answer that, so I’m not going to speculate.


This is what it is. Very true.


The best way to get over a bad review is

  1. Leave a carefully considered response to it

  2. Realize even the best sellers get them sometimes

  3. Know that when you get more good reviews it will scroll down out of sight

  4. Just don’t care. Make up your mind in advance that it’s out of your control. And for that reason you cannot allow yourself to become upset. It happens. Who cares. Life is too short to worry about things out of our control. It takes mental fortitude and practice to look at things in this way but it’s worth it.


About leaving a response, I think sellers are at a disadvantage here because you wouldn’t know type and quality of f))dback until you respond to the buyer’s re)view. Right, @misscrystal? Is there a way around this?

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I get over bad reviews by walking my dog. If he can get over being tiny compared to all the other dogs and get over having to run along behind as they all play up ahead without him, I can get over a low star rating. If I can’t, that just means its cuddle time.

You basically need to get yourself a Chihuahua and everything will be okay. Personally, I don’t know how people can freelance without one. :wink:


It’s ok to say feedback and review here - this is the forum. Fiverr keep the SWAT team for when those words are used on the main site.

You can review the buyer and then reply to the review they gave you. Your review of the buyer shows up on their profile, your response shows up under the review they left on your profile.


Thanks, @eoinfinnegan! I was flagged for mentioning ‘feedback’ in my message today lol. I’m quite relieved that I can use it on the forum without worries.:grinning:

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There’s no way to get around the secret reviews - but you can reply to a review after it has been posted as well! This means, after you have left the review of your buyer, and the review is public, you have the option to reply to that review. This gives you the option to answer the buyer who left the review.

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