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Best Way To Get Traffic Into Your Gig


I am asirmuntasir026 and I am a graphics designer on fiverr.
This is my first post and forgive me if the question is too basic but we only learn as we go along.
My business card gig has not yet amounted to a sales and truth be told, I don’t know why.
Maybe it is because of my poor skills in SEO and I dont know how to get traffic into my account.
So I have two questions:

  1. In terms of service, I believe my gig is just as good as top rated sellers. So how do I make my gig stand out from the rest and if anybody has suggestions for me to improve my gig, then please inform me.
  2. How do I get traffic into my account?
    Any help will be appreciated.


Your services being on par with those of a Top Rated Seller is an outlandish claim… let’s see if it has merit.

Setting aside the fact that your main Gig’s first photo appears to be a Photoshopped stock image, the ‘Pearson Specter’ part is out of alignment with the symbol it’s in. Also, it’s ‘Named Partner.’

The other two Gig photos have business card designs that at least look somewhat original, but do not, in my opinion, reach the standard of a TRS.

Your use of English isn’t bad, but your Gig’s description is a little dull and comes off as slightly desperate.

I don’t know about SEO, and it’s no one’s responsibility but yours to drive traffic to your Gig (so you are the one who must research how to do this, we’re not going to tell you how or do it for you), but you should get the basics right first.

As a result of the foregoing, I would say your claim that your work is on par with that of a TRS’ lacks merit.


The best way to get traffic is very simple. Optimize your Gig professionally. Most of the new seller’s gig is not well optimized. You can follow top Rated or best-selling Gig. Your Gig images must be professional, eye-catching and unique. Use the 05 Tags cleverly. If you can do this your job is 70% done. Fiverr will automatically promote your Gig to the clients. Now send 10 buyer request regularly. If you can do some social media marketing then it will be great. This will Bring tons of Trafic to you Gigs. Best of luck.


You have a long way to go. Keep reading this forum. There are plenty of posts on promoting gigs.


Thank you for your reply.
The claim that my gig is as good as the top rated sellers is indeed a biased claim and thank you for making me realize that.
But this post is also a part of that research and I am not saying that its anyone’s responsibility to drive traffic into my gig.
I was simply looking for help. :slightly_smiling_face: