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Best way to glued the buyers to your Gig


the things i heard when i joined fiverr is


facebook page

youtube channel


tweet on twitter

i am having cartoon gigs

Is there any other way, the best way to promote your gig to targeted audience


You can post here also respond to collection posts, being in a collection ups the odds. I also respond to any and all requests in the side bar I have gotten 1/4 of my sales that way. Since your draw, if some one requests a funny pic, then respond and offer to accept order under your BLANK gig…these requests also give ideas for new gigs.Good luck!


Unless you can actually get into a target audience or have a target audience of your self that you can post to, your going to have to try and post to the online community in forums or other social media


I linked all my forum signatures to my gig on outside forums. Also, keep an eye out for people that will promote your gig on their blog for free!


thank you very much for all your wonderful comments