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Best way to handle revisions

My whole time on fiverr I have always offered unlimited and free revisions (with in reason). Since I have gotten top rated seller in the past few weeks I am slowing starting to see that unlimited revisions just isn’t going to work. One lady has revised her book cover about 10 times now. While I really want to help people get exactly what they want, doing things over and over and over is about to drive me banana-sandwich… I feel like with every order there are going to be revisions, but I’m thinking of limiting it to 1 or 2 rounds and after that its 5 dollars for each revision… does that sound fair?

How does everyone else handle revisions on here?

Thanks in advance for any help

I clearly state “no revisions” in my gig descriptions and put a reminder in the instructions. (My Fiverr M.O. is quick, cheap turnarounds, not up-sells.) On the rare occasion I get asked for any modifications, they’re usually in scale with the order (small, quick) so I’ll bang them out for free.

If I get any requests that are complex, I’ll reiterate my policy and direct to purchase an extra. If that’s not cool, I’ll cancel.

There are too many ways to get shafted out of work/pay here. I keep my investment light, so it’s not troublesome when I have to cut my loses.