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Best way to handle Seasonal Gigs?

I’m a real newby here. I tested the Fiverr waters with a “Scrooge” based seasonal gig. I don’t want to bail on that gig but I’m wondering what the proper/best way to park that gig until that season rolls back around. Or do you just keep it active all year round?

Thanks for the feed back, I’m learning a lot from reading peoples posts!


Hey Jonathan, you can pause your gig and unpause it when that season rolls back.

You can pause your gig by going to: selling >>> gigs and click on that upside down triangle on the right side of the gig.

You can also keep that gig active all the time, maybe someone buys it off the season. :wink:

Thanks for the tips… and the options!
Makes sense … I’ll keep playing with options till I figure out what works.