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Best way to handle unhappy buyer?

I generally have great luck with my buyers. For the most part, they are extremely happy with my work and usually leave me great reviews. In fact, I have all 5-star reviews so far… But I had one guy last week that was just not happy with my work. It happens - sometimes you just aren’t someone’s cup of tea.

Unfortunately, he has placed four different orders with me, so this could be a bloodbath if he gives me a negative review on each of them. I have offered him a sincere apology and a complete refund, but if I do refund his money, can he STILL come back and leave negative feedback on me? I’m kind of waiting to see what he’s going to do before I issue the refund. To me, you either get a refund or a rant-fest - it doesn’t seem fair if you get a refund AND leave negative feedback also.

All four of the orders are now marked complete if that makes a difference. I don’t think it does because I have had buyers leave positive feedback on completed orders.

If he accepts your “Mutual Cancellation Request”, his feedback whether it’s positive or negative will be removed. That’s coming straight from Fiverr.

Oh that’s brilliant! Can I do a mutual cancellation request after an order is marked complete?

I guess, if order cancelled with Mutual Cancellation Request, then BUYER can’t add feedback!! :slight_smile:

Yes, you surely can do that.

Yes dear. You can do mutual cancellation even after order is completed. But this should be done within 13 days of actual order complete date as funds are cleared to withdraw on 14th day. Hope this would help. Best of luck with your 100% ratings :slight_smile:

Yeah exactly :slight_smile:

Thank you so much to everyone who has answered. I have requested the mutual cancellation and hopefully my buyer will accept. Thank you!

Not anymore. The negative review will stay online even if he accepts your mutual cancellation request.