Best way to improve my gig?


Hey everyone, would you mind telling me how to improve my Fiverr account and gig? I only joined a few days ago and I want to know how I can improve my gig to make sales.

Please make as many suggestions as possible, being nice won’t make me any sales :slight_smile:


HI, Welcome to our community.

First of all,

    1. you should read the terms and condition and privacy policy.
  • 2… Search relevant gig by using Fiverr search bar. and seems what service provided by other sellers
    1. Try to send 10 buyer request every day. hope you will get an order within the short time
    1. see an option under your profile to promote your gig. there you could find a code or script to share in your website
    1. share your gigs in the social market. Fiverr allow some top rated social market to share your gig.


Am I violating a terms and conditions policy? What do you mean by sending a buyer request? Like ask people if they will buy my gig?


No - I think the intention was just to make sure you understand the Ts & Cs etc.

Unlimited revisions - for $10 you could have a lifetime of work in front of you - I’d change that if I were you.

Good luck!


I have to do something to get the first sales. Once I have good ratings, I can change it back. If adding unlimited revisions doesn’t bring sales, what will? :slight_smile:


Remove the unlimited revisions and reduce to $5 for the first few sales?


yes, you could do this. this way will work.

also, send buyer request from your profile dropdown menu> selling > buyer request

if you send offer of 10 buyer request then hopefully you will get at least 1 order within very short time… earn very positive feedback of first order.