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Best Way to Rank Up your Gig, Have a Look In This Way

Hi everyone,
in the start I was also confused but doing following setups I got 7 orders just in 2 weeks. If your are worried by not getting the orders please take a closer look on following steps and consider it to rank up at Fiverr;

First of all, review your Gig.
Use the best keywords, you can take help from fiverr search option and used the tags for a specific type of service,
chose unique and attractive title,
make a strong description
use your keywords in your gig description
Show up your expertise which truly you have, don’t make lies or over efficient
Give clear cut discription that what can you do in that specific gig
Mention that what you would not do,
Specify your packages with price and features
Give attractive offers in the start
Share your gigs at you social media accounts but don’t make it spamy.
ask your friends to visit your gig.
be active in fivver community forum
Send / avail maximum no of gigs in your account
send avail maximum no of buyer requests.

Strive hard and be consistent, you will definitely get orders.
You can also Get Idea from my gigs.


The above quoted segment is borderline idiotic advice that will harm your gigs.


I respect your opinions. But I don’t think so because its really works. How can you say that?


As fiverr gives you an option to promote your gig at social media forums, how it could be idiotic?

You claim you had 7 orders in a week?

That’s great, but don’t mistake correlation with what works.

Sharing your gigs on social media is spam.

Social media sharing is not a strategy. It’s spam.

There’s 0 research involved, and you are sending links to people who don’t care about you or your services.

Sending gigs to friends is also not a strategy that works. Do you plan on bugging your friends to buy from you? Or do you wan to get a spike on your clicks? What’s the plan there?

Because if people click but don’t buy, conversion suffers and Fiverr thinks your gig is not good.

And lastly being active on the forum brings no sales. Being active on the forum will benefit you in the long run if you want to learn from others and participate in meaningful discussions.

Looks like you got a handful of sales and you are now trying to share your “framework” 50% of which is harmful advice.


Your 3 reviews are from just one person. I am now even more certain that your “framework” is not valid. This is a fluke at best.

Also: is that really you in that profile pic?


See what your advice leads up to @web_sapphire ?

A new member took you up on your advice and decided to be active on the forum and share his gigs.


I think you are most senior and experienced than me an I should learn from it, so I must edit the post or either to remove it. I was just trying to help the people like me. I also mentioned not to spam at social media.

But the very act of just sharing your gig on social media, especially when using the fiverr buttons, is spam.

You never responded about your profile pic by the way. Are you really a caucasian 20-something girl living in Pakistan?


I prefer not having people from the forum contact me. I doubt if I’ve gotten more than five sales if that many from the forum and most (or all) of the messages I get are new sellers asking for help.


That must be irritating - do you report them as spam?

Busted :joy::joy:

Looks like a googled profile picture


“Specify your gigs with price and features”

You actually can’t create a gig without doing this, so it’s really not helpful…

Also, “send avail maximum no of buyer requests.” Um, no. You only respond to BRs you are well suited to and you aren’t more likely to get a BR job just because you send the “max” every day.

And posting in the forum doesn’t not get anyone sales.

This post is a combination of incorrect information and common sense. There’s nothing valuable or insightful here.

And I’m pretty sure that’s not your real picture.

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Which leads me to my point:

Don’t follow advice from someone who is trying to use shortcuts, and who will also be banned for breaching Fiverr’s ToS.

I flagged the post for moderation.

We don’t need anymore fake preachers here trying to spread the word on their “success”.

You got 3 reviews man and you are posing as a woman.

Give it a rest.