Best way to Withdrawals your balance in fiverr


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Can you please tell me that what is the best way in fiverr to withdrawals your balance…

Which has less charges??


But here is no paypal available in pakistan


Best option paypal till i have read that less fee. but paypal in pakistan you will use the Payoneer.


You can still use paypal in pakistan. And paypal is the cheapest way if you spend online but as far as withdrawls are concerned, payoneer is the cheapest option


Reply to @wiseowl033: Pretty sure using PayPal in Pakistan is against their TOS, they don’t cover Pakistan in the first place.


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Reply to @wiseowl033: how can we use paypal in pakistan???


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i also live in pakistan u can get payoneer card for free u have to pay $5 for activation then you can go to in ATM machine in pakistan and take out all money tax will be $3


Reply to @worldrock: ok And any of extra charges of this??


u have to pay $3 every time when u use that card and u can use it in all ATM’s in Pakistan


then this is costly


Reply to @aaliachuhdary: He said it would be illegal to use PayPal in Pakistan.


Payoneer is not good, However if you signup for a USA accnt then you can easily withdraw your payments to paypal and to withdraw from paypal to your bankaccount? Huh the answer is easy! just contact some online exchangers in Pakistan and like or you will get your money into your bankaccount or easypaisa or somthing, after you transact money into their account? now why is this More prefered? becz so less taxes,


if not paytpal verified in pakistan…at first u can transfer ur fiverr balance in a paypal account,then transfer it in u’r payoneer acount to withdraw from bank account.

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I can’t bear the Payoneer fee, it’s just too ridiculous. I use and enjoy paypal.


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