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Best ways of multiple fiverr accounts


can someone have an idea in details that how to use multiple fiverr accounts without the risk of banning ??


No - none at all, ever.

Customer Services might give you a few ideas though if you ask them.


Don’t forget to mention every account you are using. They will give you full protection tips that way. :slight_smile:


what do you mean to mention my accounts .:confused:


Tell Customer Support everything about all of your accounts (usernames, email addresses, phone numbers…), so they can advise you.


You are on Fiverr’s official forum asking people to help you break Fiverr rules?
I suggest you forget the idea of trying to have multiple accounts and focus on the important things like breathing, blinking and looking where you are going before you hurt yourself.


Why is it you are not concerned about following the rules, just getting around them?


No words.



Happy Birthday. 20 char


Thank you Mike! :sunny::slightly_smiling_face:


Multiple accounts will get you banned.
Asking for help achieving multiple accounts will get you reported.