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Best wishes for me

I am new in fiverr.Best wishes for me because i am joinning you guys…

@smartseoz :no_entry_sign: Spamming your gig URL in other users thread is not cool. Cut it out!
Promote your gigs the legal way via My Fiverr Gigs!

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Welcome to Fiverr Family. Best of luck.

Sorry i m new here so its my mistake …and thanks for your comment.

Thanks dear from my heart…

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She did not say you. She told him “smartseoz”

Thank you dear …

ops sorrry i don’t see first his name… I was think she told me…

That’s not a problem, dear.

Thank you so much…

warm wishes for your:blush::blush::blush::blush:

Oh, no! You’re fine the comment was directed at the user spamming your thread.
You posted in the correct category, good :four_leaf_clover: luck on your Fiverr journey! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: No Active account.

Plzzz tell me what is spamming and smarteoz what happened to this guy

And wish you best of luck

Spamming is when people post links to their gigs in reply to other people’s posts. What happens then is that the spammer’s post gets flagged and hidden. Those who do this will get into trouble with the moderators.

Welcome to fiverr. Best wishes for you.