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I ordered from the seller called Bestquality. I didn’t get him information fast enough so he marked the order complete. I contacted him and explained I would provide the information and get the hosting and other things he needed. He said it would only take a week. The order was still marked complete but I believed he would deliver. He kept telling me one more week. He sent great examples of his work. He never delivered and kept my money. Now I can’t even email or contact him. It says something about the seller doesn’t want to be contacted directly due to privacy. I have submitted a complaint but believe Fiverr will not help me. Has anybody else experienced being completely ripped off? I know it was my fault for letting him mark it complete when it wasn’t complete. However, I am now scared to use Fiverr. How can I make sure this never happens again? Is there anything I can do to recover my payment or get the website delivered? Thanks

That seller’s account might have been deleted by fiverr. You should contact the support with the order details. They will be able to check and refund if it has not been much time since the order was completed. And never accept any empty completed orders in future. No matter what the seller is doing. Riding a hurricane or swimming in a volcano.