Beta option for new seller


Hello everyone,
I am a new seller and i have already completed 2 orders. Due to recent upgrade of fiverr system, I can’t see beta option! so, ain’t I eligible for beta option? if not, then how can i show me on line to the buyers?
Thank you.


You need to have at least 5 orders done first before you can enable that and start


now it’s very difficult for a new seller :pensive:


If you have quality services, I don’t think it would be difficult for you.

You can start working on your gig promotion, try to bring traffic to your gigs.


As it should be. New sellers should not have any special preference just because they want to get seen, featured, or become successful faster. Every seller has to work equally hard to find sales and success. No freebies, no special treatment. Work hard, rise to the top. This is how it should be – as it is in any business.


respect bro respect :sunglasses:


It has taken me a few months to get things going and even now its still a little slower than I would like, but keep at it and above all DO QUALITY WORK, COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR BUYER, and DELIVER ON TIME or even EARLY! You will find that your customers will slowly become REPEAT customers!

Good luck, alzihad!:+1::grinning: