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Beta Reading, Writing Mentor and Book Blurbs, oh my!

Don’t send your hard work into the world without some beta love!

With gigs starting at $5, 175 reviews and a 5.0 star rating, my services are affordable, and vital to getting your masterpiece to that next step towards publishing!

I offer beta reading for all genres and all size projects, as well as writing book blurbs perfect to sell your book to your goal auidence. I also offer mentoring services if you need help during the writing processes.

I will give honest feedback on plot, character development, pacing, story structure, readability, dialogue, etc. I’ll offer some brainstorming ideas on things you might look into changing, as well as very basic editing advice and typos. I offer an unrivaled after-gig support where you can ask me about the project later on, as well as posting reviews to Amazon and Good reads if you like.

Let me help you polish up your project!