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Betrayal by *****

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We are just buyers and sellers on this forum, not fiverr support.
However if you paid them outside of fiverr then fiverr can not protect you in that case.


You need to remove the name of the seller as naming and shaming buyers and sellers is not allowed on the forum.


The asked us to pay on fiverr.after trying to pay on Fiverr with 5 different accounts we couldn’t make any payment on fiverr.they sent us link of Fiverr for payment.then we asked them to buy their own designs on Fiverr and transferred money.they told us that if we buy these designs on Fiverr we can get these designs on 1400rs each and logo for 2500 rs.they wanted us to buy design on Fiverr to improve their account on Fiverr. They charged us the same fees as that on fiverr.they must have bought our designs by using their employees Fiverr account. How come Fiverr is not responsible if people are using this platform to betray people.i know that we paid them on their personal account but it doesn’t mean that Fiverr is not responsible at all.that seller has its account on Fiverr and they charged us the amount mentioned in a Fiverr link created by them for us. We know we are betrayed by this seller we don’t expect anything from fiverr.i just want people to know what this seller did with us.

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.already his post got flagged.

Wow. sellers are then allowed to betray buyers?if you really cared about your company’s reputation then u shouldn’t betray other people in first place.we have lost our money n got harassed.when you really don’t care about your own company’s reputation then don’t blame others for defamation.i m not shaming anyone.i m just telling the truth.

  • You may not offer direct payments to Sellers using payment systems outside of the Fiverr platform.

  • Fiverr does not provide protection for users who interact outside of the Fiverr platform.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page which everyone needs to read before buying or selling anything on Fiverr.


you haven’t followed the rules in the first place,all payments and communication with your sellers must take place on Fiverr


Fiverr is not responsible both you and your seller agreed to tos and conditions in fiverr and signed that you read and understood it. And it’s says it TOS it’s strictly forbidden to pay outside of fiverr. You also broke rules when you agreed to pay outside of fiverr.
(Sometime bugs happen and you just needed to open ticket with support to sort out why your payment wasn’t processing).
However fiverr can’t do anything when you chose to pay outside. But you can report the seller for asking payment off fiverr.


Why everyone being defensive here? I didn’t ask anyone to take responsibility of of our payment.instead of taking action against fraudulent behaviour of seller you all are actually victim blaming and shaming. I understand what kind of people work here and how their misdeeds get protected.plz don’t reply me until I delete my account on Fiverr

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum who are sharing our knowledge in order to help you.

I am just a buyer and seller like you.


Check this :point_down:

Not on the forum but with report button or opening a ticket with CS

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And what action could we possibly take? We’re just sellers and buyers, not Fiverr owners or Fiverr staff.


Rule 9:

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This now appears to have happened.


Yeah, nice try @lloydsolutions…I’ve always known you were part of the higher ups. :sweat_smile:

I aim to be as calm and impersonal as you even when attacked.


Not an easy task for a fiery redhead! :wink: