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Better Control Of Live Portfolio

This may have been suggested before, but why is there no option to control your live portfolio? Once you add a sample to the live portfolio, there is no option to remove it. Also, once you turn a sample off on your live portfolio it turns your entire live portfolio off. This kinda sucks :-/

Reply to @arnevb: I know how to turn on/off the portfolio sample for a specific order, that’s not what i’m saying. I’m talking about options to choose which samples you want in or out of your live portfolio at any time, even after choosing a sample you want in and then decide later on that you don’t want it in your live portfolio.

To be more specific about the other issue with the live portfolio- When you turn off the live porfolio for a specific order, it shuts off your entire live portfolio so your live portfolio can’t be seen on your gigs page. You have to re-enable the live portfolio and check mark the box in your gig options to turn it back on again

I agree… the live portfolio offers no options. I for one will not use it anymore because… I have some photos that I sent in different formats like .jpeg , .png etc… and it’s basically the same image… so it will show in the portfolio twice or three times in a row. Nobody knows it’s different formats they just see the same image and it looks unprofessional. I will start using it when they’ll upgrade it to a version where you can choose which photos to show.

Is there any upgrade on that feature. I also have the same issue. :((

This’d be a great feature actually, the amount times I’ve been asked by buyers not to have their video shown in the portfolio once they’ve already marked the order as complete…

That, and being able to choose your own thumbnail on your main video instead of having to email fiverr support.

Is there an official Fiverr page that explains the capabilities of the Live Portfolio? I ask because I am curious about which types of files it supports. I turned it on and delivered PDFs but they are not appearing publicly. Also, is there a way to submit files you would like to showcase manually without going through the delivery? Thanks!

Reply to @londonpros: Definitely!

Thanks for the reply, I see many sellers using it effectively amd wish I was one of them!

Portfolio is live but still can’t see the images :-/

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1 year ago topic and still problems exist… Do you hear fiverr?