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Better Stats and Reporting

I just wanted to throw out a quick suggestion for a better stats page. I’m a stats junky and I like to pick out trends and see what works and what doesn’t when I make changes to a gig, and so on. Right now I have to track all of that outside of Fiverr. (IFTTT has been a big help with that I must say.) But I would really like to see more stats on how many are clicking on my gigs from day to day, charts and graphs so I can pick out trends. That kind of stuff.

But I would give all that up, if we could get an option that would switch the current stats to “ALL TIME.” The fact that as of right now it only tracks the last thirty days is not nearly as helpful by itself. If you add an “all time” option then that would help me out immensely. I realize this isn’t a “flick of the switch” fix and often reporting is the bane of any developers existence but they really would help us out.

Just a thought.


(Anyone have any other reporting or stats ideas?)

I’d love it if there was an actual A/B split test option in Fiverr.

I’d love to be able to test price of extras. Fiverr headline. And description or body.

The stats need to be more detailed. I want to go back and see how many sales I did last week, last month. See how people found my gig, was it a search or from the category. What search term did they use.

I agree 110% on this… we need anylitics like youtube has…things like where traffic is coming from, where its going, demographics would be nice, changing time frames for said statistics… these things aren’t all that hard to do. and any business should have these. I understand the need for simplicity but there should be an option to turn on advanced stats. these things would be very useful and help us provide better services in the long run.

I would really like to see an “extras” stat beyond just total gigs sold with extras. I would like to know how many of my buyers are paying for the Extra Fast option or any of my other extras. That way I can know what extras are working and which ones aren’t. This would especially helpful on the Extra Fast option. If I’m only getting a few buyers taking me up on that, then it might be an option I should stop offering if I have to jam up day to meet the goal.

I noticed when I first started that my gig was getting 10k all the way up to 70k views. I thought it was a glitch since it had only been a few days and I didn’t think 70,000 people were looking at my gig. So either the stats are off or Fiverr puts your gigs in heavy rotation when you first start. I’m not too sure how that all works, and if anyone knows it would be great if you could chime in.

I think stats are one of those things that are really good to have so you can see what’s working and what’s not. Especially for the folks who are doing this for their full time job. I can see how a hobbyist may not need them as much. But as I said before, I’m a stat junky.

I think a chat feature would be great.

I would like a instant stat reporting, possibly also a chat feature so I can instantly chat with users on my gig. How do you think of that??

Good idea no?

:slight_smile: Joe

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The room for improvement here at fiverr is LARGER than our ENTIRE known and UNKNOWN universe!!!

I’ve been with Fiverr for 8ish months now and just in that short time they have come a long way. I’m looking forward to what is upcoming…and I hope it has some of this stuff! ;-D