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Better to get 20% less than $0, don't be scammed. Post for beginners

In fiverr sometimes you will receive a message from buyer telling you to do the business outside of Fiverr. He will give you the incentive that you will get the extra 20% which Fiverr charges if you do business through Fiverr.

If you agreed on doing business outside of Fiverr and exchanged email or any other contact information. The buyer will ask you to deliver work first then he will pay you. If you deliver the work. You won’t see the buyer again. You are scammed. When you return back to Fiverr, you will notice that your account doesn’t exists any more. You are blocked from Fiverr because you violate Fiverr TOS. It is against the rule to make a deal outsite of Fiverr.

Fiverr gets 20% but at least it is guaranteed money. So better let go 20% instead of 100% and your account.

I am really agree with you

The best advice for any beginner.
But I am sure that many top sellers make businesses outside fiverr.

Hi dear, the restriction is specific. If somebody choosed you for the job by fiverr and If he ask contact info to do rest outside of fiverr then It would be voilation of fiverr rules. But if somebody choosed you outside of fiverr (it can be your friends, relative, etc), they can do all outside of fiverr.

I know it’s against the rules but you can’t say that not even one seller don’t sell outside fiverr. I mean if he have a good business relation with the client he can anytime suggest this, he earns 20% and the buyer don’t have to login. I don’t say that a specific user do this but I am sure there are a few that do this

Alright. Got your point. But most top sellers earns a lot on weekly or monthly base. So fiverr deserve that 20%. After taking a look at number of orders in queue of a top seller, I don’t think they have time to manage outside payments too.

I don’t sell outside of Fiverr. I’ve had clients go looking for me (and find me) on Google+, and have friends that I already know on Google+, ask for services outside of Fiverr, but I bring them back here. It really is my preferred way of doing business. Keeps everything straight for tax-time, plus it builds my catalogue of reviews which in turn helps me get more sales.

Fiverr keeps your all data organized. You are not hopeless if you do a deal on fiverr and are scammed.

I agree! Better beware of scammers! Fiverr is a good platform, I work with confidence here since I know how good it is.