Better to refund which way?


Hi, can someone tell me if it’s better to cancel a order by doing a mutual cancellation or have CS do it for you? Does either affect your cancellation rating? Is one or the other better? I am having a tough time with a customer who threatens to leave a negative feedback unless they get a refund. So I am trying to figure out what I can do without affecting my cancellation ratio.

Thanks for any advice on this matter.


Thanks so much for your quick reply @kjblynx. I had CS remove the feedback but the customer keep coming back to the order and leaving a negative feed. There’s no way for Fiverr to completely block someone from leaving a feedback. CS removed again and now she’s threatening me. I wish the rules would change for cases like these - they should not affect our ratings.


Also, if I block the user, can they still leave feedback in the order?


Blocking a user isn’t a long term solution. Additionally, they will only be blocked from messaging you, not from purchasing your gigs or leaving feedback.

If you are being harassed, take screenshots and shoot customer support another ticket (or in the same ticket you used before). From what I hear, Customer Support gives people warnings for continuously leaving feedback when they’ve removed it.


Thanks @rinchan86. I will ask CS about warning the buyer.