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Better Watermarks So That Clients Accept Orders

Is there any way to put a bigger “Fiverr Watermark” on the videos I deliver to customers?
When you send a picture the watermark is completely across the photo, but when you send a video all you get is some small Fiverr watermark in the top corner which can be easily cropped out.

This means customers download the video and just use it as is and don’t have the urgency in them to accept the offer and leave feedback. Instead I have to keep bothering them.

This has a knock on effect as orders are automatically approved and no feedback is left which doesn’t help ranking of gigs.

Fiverr - why can’t you use a bigger centre watermark in the middle of videos?? @fiverr-social
Or is there already a way???


They do not have to accept delivery it will be auto completed in 3 day.

They do not have to leave review.

And why would they? Some people do not want to write reviews and honesty if the reviews were mandatory a lot of people would get negative reviews instead of no reviews.

You can put your watermark and send the file in order for communication. Once the client sees it and approves it then send it in delivery.

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No, you don’t have to.

In fact, you risk warning if you remind Buyer to leave feedback. I have reported every single one so far.

It’s very unlikely there is any connection between watermark and feedback.


Asking for reviews can get you in trouble on Fiverr…

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I think you’re missing the point completely.

Correct they don’t have to accept or leave feedback - But as a seller I count on that in order to boost my gig higher in ranking (Feedback I mean).

And in my situations it’s not that the feedback would be bad because I’m always in contact with them to correct anything. But it’s more the fact that some people want the project complete asap but then don’t accept the order. Which then means they have found another way of using the order with the small watermark on it. Otherwise I can’t believe they would wait 3days until the watermark disappears just so they don’t have to accept.

It’s not about me asking for feedback.
Normally I just use follow up questions such as “Is the order all good?” To prompt them to take the next step and accept the order. A lot of the time it works.

In fact, you risk warning if you remind Buyer to leave feedback. I have reported every single one so far.

So you mean you’re a buyer and don’t leave feedback? If that’s the case then I don’t think that’s fair as you don’t release the impact the help you can give buyers by suppling feedback with there gig.
The other day I offered to do a 5 gigs for $5 each in order to get feedback on each rather then charge what would have been around $300.

Sometimes feedback is more valuable than money.

Fiverr buyers are not forced to leave any reviews.

Only 67% of my clients leave reviews, based on my analytics. And I heard it’s quite a high number. Not everyone has the time to write a review. In fact, many regulars don’t write reviews. So I wouldn’t worry that much if I were you. Don’t force people to leave you a review, not only will you get in trouble with Fiverr, but those persons might leave a negative review if you stress them out.

I am Seller too and fully understand review importance.

That’s why I “work” on feedback from very first word till very last word when communicating with Buyer if you know what I mean. Everything after pushing deliver button is too late and risky.