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[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]He charged me the following and now for the same work wants to charge me $150!! outrageous and exploiting my good custom.

do Amazing hand written signature logo
Dec 15, 2016 Dec 18, 2016 $36.75 Order Again
do Amazing hand written signature logo
Dec 08, 2016 Dec 11, 2016 $36.75 Order Again
do Amazing hand written signature logo
May 15, 2016 May 17, 2016 $36.75 Order Again


We are not allowed to name sellers here on the forum so I suggest you remove that.

He has a right to raise his price although that is a big increase.


@prudence12 please contact costumer support and let them solve this for you.

also edit your post and remove the other user’s name, as it is not allowed.

thank you and good luck


Thank you guys, I can understand an increase but that is crazy for the same work and after my good custom.


sounds like you need to talk to your seller about this.

or you know, maybe it’s time to find a new seller if you are on a budget? :slight_smile:


I would of paid more but his price increase is crazy!


How do I contact customer support


If you don’t like the offer, decline it, mention how you purchased something in the past at a cheaper rate and move on.

He has the right to raise his prices.


He doesn’t care, said he can charge what he wants!


Maybe he is so good he has more work than he can do. Maybe you got a bargain the other times.


With respect and considering that I do not know anything about the seller, the logos he creates etc but there is also the possibility that you got three logos at extremely cheap prices and now the seller is looking to charge properly for his work.
People are free to change their prices to whatever they want and you as the buyer are free to accept or reject them. It is definitely not a case of exploiting you as you have the choice of moving on to any of the 10,000 other logo sellers on the site - at least 95% of which will do a logo for less than $150.
The decision is yours to make as to whether the seller is worth it or not.


you have every right to decline the offer… The seller has every right to make any offer… I believe There is no need to contact Customer Support in this issue…


Here ya go:


Sellers are free to change their prices. I’ve done it many times. While $150 is a bit high, you can hire another seller, you can tell him you can’t afford $150 but you can afford $50 or $75.

Or you can wait a few days, when he sees that nobody’s hiring him at $150, he’ll be happy to drop his prices to $35.

Are you paying $1.75 on Fiverr fees? I’m confused. You should have gigs on Fiverr, then you can use the money from those gigs to buy things here.


I understand your plight. That was ridiculously too high for the same gig you paid less for. Well I may not know the agreement you both had or the complexity of the new project. My advice would be either you communicate with him, letting him understand what your budget is for that particular project OR you find yourself another seller who will be willing to do the same job for the amount you budgeted. Hope this helps :slight_smile:



He can indeed charge what he want. If you don’t like his new price, what you obviously don’t, you have the option to look for another seller. There are plenty.
CS will not be able to help you with this as they don’t determine the pricing politics of individual sellers.


A lot of sellers start really low to get the first sales and then start charging what their work is worth once they have a reputation. I have raised my prices considerably since I started here, because I had no idea what my work was worth when I got here. It was a very slow increase. Maybe this is what happened with this seller? If that was the price raise in a week, though, that’s a bit surprising.