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BEWARE! "customers" ordering and then posting bad reviews just to get the Rating down!

BEWARE!!! “customers” ordering and then posting bad reviews just to get the Rating down!!! Some of them are Fiverr sellers! This is just unfair!!! BEWARE guys! Happened to me 2 times now!

I’d definitely contact customer support about this. Totally unacceptable. If your competitors’ gigs were any good, they wouldn’t need to use such slimy tactics to try and increase their own sales.

I just quickly glanced at your last two negatives. It looks like they were left by competitors. The last one with the username starting with a T, click on his username. With the one before him starting with an H, Google his username, Fiverr. I just clicked on the first few results, but it appears he was a graphic designer on Fiverr, and he’s left negatives for other graphic designers. I would suggest you research it from this standpoint and send screenshots to CS.

I try to contact them right away and they never answer back! They just posted a bad review!! I offer Unlimited revisions in case you don’t like it, and we can redesign it! I dont understand why!!!

“T” is also sneaky in other ways: he has a 95% rating, but the only gig showing hasn’t been rated yet, so he’s either deleted or suspended the other gigs he has/had. “H” had bad ratings by the time he left or suspended/deleted his gigs.

@creativestudiod As encouraged above, you must file a report with customer support, and be sure to send screenshots of your communications with these buyers. You should be able to get those negatives removed. Good luck~

Thank you so much guys!! I contacted Customer Support, now I am waiting for their answer! Thanks for your comments!