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Beware Fiverr Refunds!


HI All,

I would like to make everyone aware that lets say you have paid for a gig and for whatever reason you have to get a refund, that refund will not go back to the payment method you originally paid for the gig with but into your available funds on fiverr, now lets say that a rather large amount say $250 and you dont usually pay for such large gigs normally then this amount will be available to spend on gigs of lower value until you have used it all up.
But lets say you then want to use it for a bigger purchase and put towards the bigger amount well you cant !!! or at least it doesn’t allow you to do it easily !!!


In other words: read the Terms of Service, it’s all written there.

“If an order is cancelled (for any reason), the funds paid will be refunded to the buyer’s shopping balance.”

“Fiverr does not automatically refund payments made for cancelled orders back to your payment provider. Funds from order cancellations are refunded to the buyer’s balance as credit and are available for future purchases on Fiverr. Funds returned to your balance from cancelled orders will not include processing fees paid.”

“If you have funds in your account balance, either from your Shopping or available Revenue balance, it will be automatically applied to your next purchase, but only in the event that your balance covers the entire purchase amount.”


I am constantly bewildered by how often new sellers have complaints about “not knowing” how Fiverr works, when everything about Fiverr and its terms are clearly noted in the Terms of Service.

It is ALWAYS a user’s responsibility to be aware of a website’s terms BEFORE doing business on that/this site. There is no excuse for failing to read the directions.


As the others have said, reading the ToS is the site user’s responsibility. It is written clearly with good size text and broken into sections so you only need to read what is relevant to you. There is no excuse not to read it, unlike most other site ToS, Fiverr wants you to read it.

Actually it is relatively easy.
For a gig that size you are likely to have received a custom offer from the seller. Explain the situation to the seller and ask for a custom offer for the amount of credit you have (in your example - $250). Place the order with that and then the seller can send you a custom extra which you can pay for with the method of your choice. It’s not a one click payment but it is hardly rocket science either.


You can get your funds back to your bank account by simply dropping a message to fiverr customer support.

First you will get the funds to your fiverr account and after you inform customer support that you need funds back in your bank they will do it within few hours.


I agree that buyers should read ToS, but this is not the best practice. Fiverr should change this so that credit is returned to buyer’s funding source. It’s not a great user experience and to be honest I don’t know many companies who do this. There definitely are some, but not a lot. Just like there are stores that give you a voucher or a store credit. However, in most cases, if you’re eligible for a refund you get your money back.

Even if the buyer reads that information, what are they supposed to do with this credit on their account? Maybe they found a better seller on a different platform or they want to hire someone externally. Right now Fiverr is basically forcing them to use it in Fiverr.

Yes, buyers should read the ToS, but it doesn’t mean Fiverr is providing the best user experience here.


I was not aware that Fiverr does this. Fiverr has been strong in their stance that refunds remain within the Fiverr system. This is what their Terms of Service clearly state. It seems contradictory to their own policies to do otherwise.

If a buyer makes a payment, those funds enter and remain within the Fiverr system until paid to a seller for services rendered.


That, I believe, is the entire point of the current policy. :wink:

And it’s not unfair, either. It is clearly stated in their Terms of Service. And, this is Fiverr’s website. If they wish to have that as their user policy, that is an entirely legal choice on their part, regardless of what other websites choose to do. We all agreed to that site policy when we chose to buy or sell here on Fiverr.


Onece i had this issue with a buyer and i contcted fiverr customer support. And they told me they can put it back and told me to inform buyer.

But this happend aome time back


Yeah, I don’t see this happening at all on Fiverr. It might have been an option “some time back”, but the current “funds stay in Fiverr” policy seems to be the rule of law here on the site now.


Customer Support have been known to give refunds on occasion. I think this is limited to a once off though so it may be worth checking with CS to see if they will do it.


The last time I heard, you could get your funds back to your payment provider twice (the second time is when you close your account).


I am glad that this thread was started. Very informative and explains why I may forever have $2.50 in my account!


It probably depends on how much are you willing to pursue this. There’s always room for an exception. You can probably get it done through PayPal or your credit card company as well. However, if you take this route then there will be consequences which might lead to account closure.

@jaspero thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure there are plenty of newbies who didn’t know this.


I get what you are saying, but who really has time to read the small print with anything nowadays and what you will find just because its the terms of the website it doesn’t mean its legally binding, If you pay a certain way and you get a refund it should go back to the payment method end of !


Unfortunately they wont give it back !!


I can understand for a simple five dollar gig but when its $250 its an all together different ball game, no matter what the TOS states its wrong, no matter if i did or didnt read it its wrong and to be quite honest with you a websites terms of service wouldnt stand up in a court of law FACT the problem is most havent got the time of the inclination to pursue it further.


Who really reads TOS and they wouldn’t stand up in court if you really wanted to pursue it, i might be forced to go down the route of claiming it back through the bank as its ok if the amount was a couple of gigs but when its a custom gig and its $250 its pretty appalling that they think they can just keep your money !


Therein lies your problem. You run a business - I presume you have a terms and conditions clause. Do you get stroppy if a client doesn’t read it?


It’s not a matter of “who has time”, it’s a matter of responsibility. If you wish to work with a website partner (such as this Fiverr/seller relationship ultimately is), you need to know their terms and policies. There is no excuse for ignoring the rules. If you’re serious about being successful here on Fiverr, than you make time to familiarize yourself with the rules. It’s a simple as that.